We address the core thinking and language processes so learning can be approached with curiosity and confidence.

About Us

Our History

     FRL was founded in 1996 by Trish Padgett.  Trish has a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential.  For over 20 years, Trish has worked with educational professionals to understand the process of learning, why students struggle, and how to build learning skills.

     Initially Trish focused on the reading process—decoding words and understanding the meaning of words.  The needs of students prompted a focus on the writing process.  After researching and trying out different programs, Trish and a colleague wrote their own program.  This program, Writing Adventures®, is now an internationally acclaimed program used in all learning environments.

     Trish and the FRL staff continue to focus on the process of learning.  Our goal is to deliver process-based, multi-sensory instruction that develops independent learning skills for our students.

 Most importantly, students experience success in our laid-back, positive environment.


Our Mission

      Our  mission is to help individuals, from preschoolers to adults, build critical processing skills through multi-sensory instruction.  These skills are the foundation for reading, spelling, language, comprehension, math, writing, and life-long learning.  With a strong foundation in place, our students have the tools to build their own successes at school and work.

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